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The folks over at LogicKeyboard were nice enough to send over a custom Premiere Pro CC keyboard cover for my MacBook Pro. Designed specifically for use with Adobe Premiere Pro CC on a 15″ MacBook Pro, this bad boy is a transparent skin that provides quick visuals of a plethora of keyboard shortcuts for Premiere. These include editing tools and navigation shortcuts, such as rate stretch, slip, slide, rolling edit, ripple edit, mark in and out, lift, extract, shuttle stop/left/right, and a handful of others.

logickeyboard macbook pro cover

The skin is color coded to group shortcuts neatly on the keyboard. Much to my surprise, shortly after using the cover I started to get noticed while traveling. I often catch people staring down at my computer, and the occasional “wow fancy keyboard you got there…” or “that’s so colorful.” So in addition to getting some video editing done, I often use the cover as a conversation starter.


The cover also protects my computer from the ever-dreaded coffee/drink spill. Annoyingly, my last keyboard cover would often fall off during a Netflix session if I tilted the laptop too far in a vertical direction. I’ve never had this problem with the LogicKeyboard skin. Like a glove…

Whether you’re on a PC or Mac, whether you’re a graphic designer, video editor, motion graphics artist, or audio engineer, LogicKeyboard has a skin for you. If a skin isn’t enough, they obviously have a large selection of full blown keyboards. My finger are still crossed that my homies at LogicKeyboard will send me one of these:


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